November is one of our favorite times of year, mostly because we love giving thanks. Thanksgiving is all about giving back, and giving thanks to people in our lives. At Advanced Imaging Centers, we are thankful for our patients for so many reasons, but here are just a few.


1.)   We are thankful for your questions

We truly love talking about anything in the medical field, especially with our patients. When our patients are curious about their procedure, we’re more than happy to provide a helping hand. We’re thankful that our patients are empowering themselves to understand their procedures.  


2.)   We are thankful for your nervousness

This one seems odd, but we actually are thankful for our patient’s nerves. We always try our best provide words of comfort and ensure that our patients feel as welcome as possible when they step into our office. So, if you walk in our office and feel a little jittery, just know we’re here to help you through it all.


3.)   We are thankful for your continued business with us

Without our patients, we would not be Advanced Imaging Centers. Our patients make us the best imaging center in Central Florida. We love talking with our patients and hearing about their success stories. All of us at AIC truly hope that each of our patients will continue to trust our care and continue to use Advanced Imaging Centers for all of their medical imaging needs.

We hope that all of our patients have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Our team at AIC will continue striving to do great work well into the holiday season. Remember to make an appointment at Advanced Imaging Centers for after the Thanksgiving holiday.