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Being told you have breast cancer is one of the scariest things a person can be told. With 1 in 8 women likely to get breast cancer at some point in their life, there is a high chance of knowing, or having, breast cancer. Contrary to popular belief, breast cancer can actually be prevented by some lifestyle habits. Here are a few simple ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer. 

Snack on Carrots

You may have not been very fond of carrots growing up, but you might want to include them in your diet. A study compared two groups of women—those with diets high and low in beta carotene. The women that had a diet high in beta carotene, which you can get from carrots, had a 60% lower chance of developing breast cancer. The beta carotene transforms into vitamin A which restores your immune system.

Choose Breastfeeding

Surprisingly, if a woman breasts feeds for around a year, their chance of breast cancer is lower. According to, if your breasts are constantly producing milk, it limits the breast cells ability to misbehave. Also, most women experience fewer periods which results in decreased levels of estrogen. These are both positive influences that help decrease your chance of developing breast cancer.

Limit Alcohol Consumption

Research has shown that alcohol increases a woman’s risk of hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. When a person consumes alcohol it raises their estrogen levels and hormones related to developing breast cancer. Even further, alcohol consumption damages DNA in cells which can have cancerous effects. According to a study, women who drink 3 alcoholic beverages had a 15% higher chance of developing breast cancer than those who didn’t drink.

Limit Light Exposure at Night

Several studies have found that women that work at night such as factory workers, doctors, nurses, and police officers, have a higher risk than women who work during the day. Researchers haven’t come to a definitive explanation, but they believe it is connected to melatonin levels. The low melatonin levels may play a role in developing breast cancer.

Staying up to date on all the ways you can reduce your risk of breast cancer is essential in fighting the disease. Another great way to reduce your risk of breast cancer is getting your mammogram on a yearly basis. For all your mammogram needs, come to Advanced Imaging Centers, we provide low cost mammograms. Make your appointment online today.