spread positivity

Everyone could use a pick me up throughout the day! With so much negativity in the world, making the effort to spread positivity can be simple and much appreciated. In an effort to spread more positivity throughout the community, our Leesburg location has decorated rocks with the intentions of sharing some positivity and having others follow our lead. Here are just a few ways you can spread positivity throughout your community in your day to day routine.


1. Passing on a compliment to a complete stranger.

Whether its complimenting their outfit or the way they smile, passing on a random compliment can completely change someone’s mood for the better. This simple act of kindness can help spread positive thoughts and start someone’s day on a good note.


2. Paying for someone’s meal at the drive-thru.

If you have the extra funds, paying for someone’s meal is the best way to spread positivity. Next time you’re in line at a restaurant, offer to pay for someone else’s tab. Who knows, you might start a positivity trend.


3. Smile more.

Smiling more often may seem like an obvious way to be positive, but psychology has proved the benefits. Smiling at a complete stranger is a compassionate act that goes a long way. Simply by making the effort to smile more in your daily routine, you can foster positivity that others will thank you for.


4. Surprise someone you love.

This surprise can be a small gift or a thoughtful act. Helping with chores or surprising a loved one with a small gift helps spread positivity and shows them how much you care. A simple way to do this is by sending a thoughtful text message to a close friend or family member.


5. Be kind to yourself.

Don’t forget to be kind towards yourself! Easily forgive yourself for mistakes and make the effort to think positively. Your overall mood and well being will benefit from focusing on your positive energy.


These are just a few ways you can spread positivity in your life. If you’re looking for another way to spread positivity, help us flood social media with positive quotes and adorable rock photos. Be sure to use the hashtag #AICrocks so we can continue the positivity trend! You never know how far a random act of kindness can go.