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A pelvic ultrasound exam? We know you’ve heard of a normal pelvic exam, but you probably have never heard of a pelvic ultrasound exam. It’s a common misconception that people make about pelvic exams, however, pelvic exams, and pelvic ultrasound exams are very similar. They also have many uses. Let’s learn more about what a pelvic ultrasound exam is and how it can be used.

So what is it?

A pelvic ultrasound exam is exactly as it sounds. The doctor will use an ultrasound machine to take images of your pelvic area. Including your ovaries, uterus, cervix, and bladder.

Why would I need one?

Lots of women get pelvic ultrasound exams to assess the organs and structures in the pelvic region. Common reasons patients will get a pelvic ultrasound exam for infection, pelvic pain, and abnormal bleeding. They also help identify ovarian cysts, or uterine cancers.

How long does an exam take?

 Depending on the person a pelvic ultrasound exam can take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Is there any preparation for it?

The doctor will instruct you to drink four glasses of water, and finish them no later than an hour before your exam. It will be uncomfortable, but to ensure the pelvic region is clearly visible you will need to have a full bladder. This will only help your doctor get the clearest images possible.

What are the different uses for the exam?

There are 3 types of pelvic ultrasounds, but the one for women is call the transvaginal ultrasound. It is usually performed to view the lining of the uterus so ensure there are no scars, cancers, polyps, and other anomalies. However, this exam can be used to view the bladder, cervix, and fallopian tubes, for any scarring or tearing.

The pelvic ultrasound exam is important, especially for women’s health, and it can be used in a couple different ways to treat multiple issues in the pelvic region. At Advanced Imaging Centers, we provide pelvic ultrasound exams for women. Make your appointment with us for a pelvic ultrasound exam today!