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It's so many peoples dream to go an travel abroad. People will dream their entire lives of getting on a plane to a foreign place, and stepping into a trip beyond their wildest dreams. So many people dream of this day, yet this dream could turn into a nightmare if you get hurt while you are abroad. There are so many reasons that something could happen, but just know whatever happens abroad you may need an MRI after you come back. 


There is nothing better than getting out in the fresh air and hitting the trails in such beautiful country. Ireland is known for it’s scenic trails, but it isn’t all fun and games. While hiking up these beautiful mountains, you may sprain your ankle or even worse, break your ankle. This can take weeks to heal and may send you to our center!

New Zealand

This breath-taking country is known for being a bit on the dare devil side. After all, Queenstown is the adrenaline capital of the world, featuring canyon swinging, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc. If you’re trying to blend in with the natives, and be on the daring side, there might be a price to pay. If you wind up breaking a bone during an adrenaline seeking activity, come see us.


A common tourist activity while visiting Iceland is going horse back riding. People ride these horses to different spots such as hot springs, hidden valleys, glacial streams, and more. If you’re planning on taking a ride on one of these Icelandic horses, make sure to hold on tight! You don’t want to fall off and injure yourself, which is very easy to happen. It'll hurt more than just your pride.


If you’re daring during your trip to Switzerland, you may find yourself be intrigued to go heliskiing. They offer participants the opportunity to be flown to the top of a mountain and ski all the way down. This is high risk high reward! No matter how much of a skiing expert you are, it's very likely you'll break a bone skiing down a bumpy mountain.

Traveling all over the world is such a privilege, that's why we hope we don't see you in our office after you get back! But, we know that accidents happen, and when they do come see us at AIC for all your imaging needs.