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We always get new patients, some new patients have never even gotten an MRI before. At AIC, we have seen patients that are nervous for an MRI, some who are totally calm, and some patients who are completely frightened at the thought of an MRI. Our staff always tries to remind them that MRI's are not-so-scary! 

A Patient Tells Her Story

So this week we checked out HealthAngle, a website that lets patients all across the country share their personal experiences during various medical procedures. It was awesome to read some of the stories and see the different experiences people had. We thought it would be helpful for future patients that might be nervous about their procedure to check out some of these stories. Maybe it'll provide you all some comfort to know you're not alone and it isn't some crazy experience! Here’s one from Pam, a woman from Massachusetts who went in nervous about a neck MRI only to discover that MRI’s really aren’t so bad after all!

“I needed an MRI of my neck to help figure out why my neck had been getting inflamed continually, and also to serve as a baseline MRI should we need to see if change occurred over time.

I checked in at the front desk and was directed to a changing area and a locker to leave my belongings. I wore a hospital johnny and waited until my appointment time; during my wait I filled out a small amount of paperwork to ensure it was safe for me to have an MRI.

I was then called and I went through the back of the area and met with the MRI technician who would be performing my exam. I was offered headphones – they told me the MRI machine is a bit loud — and choose a favorite music station to listen to. Then I was given a cage-like apparatus that was put over my neck and face; it wasn’t completely enclosed, it had a couple bars that went over my face but was still open. Then, after explaining the whole exam to me, we got started.

I was asked to lie flat on my back and then I entered a tube-like structure. The MRI lasted about 20 minutes; I didn’t have any problems being in the machine and there were no errors with the imaging. It was loud and I heard a lot of banging, however it was worth it to know I could get things figured out with my health by sticking with it and just finishing the exam. I was removed from the machine and the apparatus was removed from my face and neck.

I felt fine after the procedure. It was great to be finished but it really wasn’t that bad as I knew it was helping getting information pertaining to my health. There was nothing that needed to be done in terms of recovery; it’s a simple non-invasive test.”

MRI's Aren't Scary

We know that MRI's can seem a little scary at first, but we promise you they are really not. Still not convinced that MRI's are no big deal, we know how to make you feel calmer about it.  Want to see for yourself? Use our appointment scheduler on our website to come and see the magic happen.