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It’s the middle of January, the holiday season has left your wallet dry, and we are in the dead of the winter season. We understand that life can get chaotic at times and the last thing on your mind is getting a mammogram. Even though October seems like a world away, that doesn’t breast cancer awareness is taking a break. Here’s why you shouldn’t wait until October to consider scheduling your mammogram appointment.

Less Wait Time

October is the most popular month to get a mammogram as it is breast cancer awareness month. However, getting a mammogram January, February, and so on, can probably save you a lot of waiting. Think about it, most women choose to get their mammogram in the month of pink because they are constantly reminded that breast cancer can happen to anyone. If you get your mammogram this month, chances are you will have less wait time and be able to fit your appointment in at the exact time you want it.

Breast Cancer never goes away

Afterthe month of October, breast cancer awareness can fall to the back of your mind, but it’s a disease that never sleeps. You can get breast cancer at any time of the year -- breast cancer doesn’t wait until October. So if you have any signs of breast cancer, schedule your mammogram immediately.

If you haven’t had a mammogram in over a year

After 40, it is highly recommended that women get a mammogram once a year. If you haven’t had one in over a year, contact us to set up your mammogram appointment. It’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive.

It’s the first month of the year

Since it’s January, what better way to start off 2017 than knowing that you are breast cancer free? Getting a mammogram this month can give you peace of mind stepping into the New Year.

At Advanced Imaging Centers, we provide affordable mammograms no matter what time of the year. So please schedule your appointment for a mammogram today and you could save your life.