Scoliosis, Scoliosis In Children

June has been declared National Scoliosis Month in an effort to increase awareness of the spinal disorder. Scoliosis is a disorder that causes an abnormal curve of the spine and backbone that if left untreated could lead to further health complications. Scoliosis affects about 3% of the U.S. population. Scoliosis is commonly developed in children between ages 10 and 15 and is about two times more common in girls than boys.

Early Signs of Scoliosis

Diagnosing and treating scoliosis in its early stages provides more options for treatment. Children’s bones aren’t fully hardened which allows for non-surgical treatments, like bracing, that can be used to stop the curvatures progression. Early signs of scoliosis include:

  • Clothing fits awkwardly or hang unevenly

  • Hump or uneven appearance around area of rib cage

  • Shoulders that appear to be different heights

  • One hip sticks out more than the other

Signs of Moderate or Severe Scoliosis

Moderate or severe scoliosis is more obvious and easier to diagnose. Symptoms include:

  • Changes in walking

  • Decreased range of motion

  • Difficulty Breathing

  • Back pain

  • Back spasms

If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, be sure to schedule an evaluation with your physician. If your doctor discovers an abnormal curve in your child’s spine, he/she will most likely order an x-ray or MRI to evaluate the degree of the curvature. Advanced Imaging Centers offers three different locations for all your imaging needs. You can schedule an appointment online today!