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It’s February which means it’s the month of love! Not only is it the month of love, but it’s also the month of hearts - your heart to be exact. February is heart health month where we celebrate heart healthy choices and bring awareness to the number one killer in the U.S.; heart disease. Since our hearts are the most important organ in the body, we want to highlight some ways to ensure a healthier heart.

Quit Smoking

If you’re still smoking, then you’ve probably heard this about a million times. QUIT. It’s terrible for your lungs, skin, and your heart function. Even if you’ve been a smoker for most of your life, the minute you decide to quit smoking your body will start to repair itself. It also will cut your risk of heart disease in HALF.

Start a Fitness Routine

Exercising is known to be one of the best activities for your health. Have you ever heard of cardio? Well cardio based activities are the best and sometimes the most brutal workout for your heart. Try fitting cardio into your workout routine 3 times a week. Activities such as running, swimming, biking, walking, and canoeing are great cardio exercises.

Meet up with friends

You probably didn’t expect me to say that friends can actually benefit your heart, but they do! Meeting up with friends once or twice a week can be great for your heart. People who have a supportive group of friends are less likely to have heart related problems throughout life.

Make conscious choices about food

Your diet is about 70% of staying healthy. That means making choices that will make you healthy is crucial. Start small like changing what type of chocolate you eat. Dark chocolate is actually healthy in moderation so consider changing your milk chocolate consumption into dark chocolate consumption. Do this with other foods as well, such as sodas, and pastas. Always swap it out with a healthier option!

Get an imaging procedure done

If you really want to do well for your heart, go to an imaging center. Scans such as, an MRI or CT scan, will show what’s really going on inside your heart. 

At Advanced Imaging Centers we are here for you, and your heart health. If you need a scan schedule an appointment with us online. There is no better way to be heart healthy than being aware of your heart health. Make the smart choice and visit us at Advanced Imaging Centers today!