Summer has finally arrived and we’re all rushing to the pool for relief from the warm weather. Unfortunately, pool related deaths and injuries are extremely common and increase over the summer. About one in five people who die from drowning are children 14 and younger. In honor of National Healthy Swimming Week, we have provided some tips that will keep you and your loved ones safe while you are cooling off this summer:

1. Install Fencing Around Pool

Install 5ft four-sided fencing that will completely separate your house from the pool. Most young children who drown in pools have wandered out of their home and fell into the pool.

2. Install Gates That Self-Latch

Use self-closing gates that self-latch. Ensure that the latch is high enough that your children can’t reach it.

3. Remove Pool Covers When Swimming

Don’t leave pool covers partially in the pool, children could get trapped under it. Remove the cover completely.

4. Keep Furniture Away From Pool Fence

Place tables, chairs and other objects away from the pool fence to prevent children from using them to climb into the pool area.

5. Provide Children With U.S. Coast Guard Approved Life Jackets

Make sure your children have U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets if they are not strong swimmers.

6. Remove All Toys from Pool Area

Keep toys out of the pool area when not in use. A young child could reach for the toy and could accidentally fall into the water.

7. Establish And Enforce Pool Rules

Establish and enforce rules that prevent running or rough play in the pool area to prevent injury.

8. Swimming Lessons

Enroll children in swimming lesson to decrease risk of drowning.

9. Avoid Slippery Or Uneven Surfaces

Be aware of slippery or uneven areas around the pool as you could trip or fall.

Sadly, drowning is the number one cause of death for children under five in Florida. So, it’s important to be cautious, as tripping and falling into the pool may lead to drowning. Although, the most common outcome is normally bruises, cuts, or broken bones.

Pool deaths and injuries can be prevented by keeping a watchful eye on your children at the pool and by setting ground rules as mentioned above. However, if you have already gotten a pool related injury and suspect you may have a broken bone Advanced Imaging Centers can fulfill your x-ray needs. We have three locations and you can schedule your appointment online at any time!