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At one point or another you may need to get an ultrasound. At Advanced Imaging Centers we offer ultrasounds, breast ultrasounds, and pelvic ultrasounds. With all these different types of ultrasounds, you may be worried about how comfortable you’ll feel during the procedure. Not to worry, we have you covered. Here’s 6 ways to feel more comfortable during an ultrasound.

1.     Bring a loved one

What better way to feel more comfortable during your ultrasound than having someone to talk to during the procedure? Whatever reason you’re getting an ultrasound, it will feel so relieving to have a friend or family member there with you while you go through the ultrasound.

2.     Prepare yourself for the gel

Everyone complains that the worst part of an ultrasound is the gel used on the area being examined. Most people say that the gel is cold on the skin and can make you feel freezing during the procedure. Also, some people say that the wand and gel combination on the skin can be a little ticklish. Make sure to mentally prepare for this so that you aren’t surprised the day of your appointment.

3.     Have a playlist

Nothing can make a person more psyched for a visit with their radiologist than a good playlist. Depending on the radiologist you can ask them to put on the playlist during your ultrasound. Listening to your own tunes will make you feel like you’re in a more familiar place. So jam out!

4.     Have a plan for after your appointment

Go treat yourself! Plan to go out to dinner, get ice cream, go shopping, or do something you enjoy doing after your ultrasound appointment. Knowing that after you get through the ultrasound you will indulge in something you love will put your mind at ease.

5.     Talk to the staff

Especially here at Advanced Imaging Centers, our staff are trained to answer any questions you may have about your ultrasound. If you’re worried about what could be on the monitor, stressed because you don’t know what to expect, or just curious about what the procedure will be like, talk to our staff! They are friendly and will answer any question you ask them.

6.     Just keep breathing

Nothing helps more during an ultrasound than taking a few deep breathes. If you feel anxious or just really uncomfortable, close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, and remind yourself it will be over in just minutes.

There’s no reason to feel uncomfortable during your ultrasound when you’re at Advanced Imaging Centers. We are experts in every aspect of the imaging field and encourage patient questions. Make an appointment for your ultrasound today!