At Advanced Imaging Centers, we work with doctors to get their patients the images, and care, that they need.  One of our greatest partners, Dr. Jeffrey Glover, located in Leesburg. Dr. Glover works hand in hand with Advanced Imaging Centers in Leesburg, to get his patients in our office and out our doors as quickly as possible, with the exact care that they need.

Dr. Jeffrey Glover has been a Lake County Native his entire life, and 2012 was able to achieve his dream of opening a chiropractic office in his home town. Glover has always known that he wants to be a chiropractor, going to a chiropractor at a young age, he admired the doctors that had cared for him.

Glover started his journey being a chiropractor when he graduated from University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in physical science. While attending school at UCF, Glover also studied fitness training and learned more abut diet and exercise, and because of this lost 180 pounds to better himself. Next, Glover graduated from the Palmer School of Chiropractic, and took up an interest in scoliosis care. Glover also has a master’s degree in in chiropractic sports medicine, and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

In 2009, Glover became an associate physician in The Villages, where he successfully treated many athletes, and patients with headaches, neuropathy, and soft tissue injuries. Then in 2012, Glover fulfilled his lifelong dream by opening up Glover Chiropractic Clinic in Leesburg.

Dr. Glover has been outstanding in the community not only to his patients but by being apart of the Area Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International Club, and Florida Chiropractic Association.

At Advanced Imaging, we admire Dr. Glover, and his staff, for being wonderful, and pleasant to be partners with. Dr. Glover’s office is located in the heart of Leesburg, off 14th street near palm plaza.

For any of your chiropractic needs we highly encourage Dr. Glover. His office can be contacted by emailing, or on the phone at 352- 787-9995. Visit his website to learn more about the procedures he does, and read his testimonials. Thank you, Glover Chiropractic Clinic, for being such great partners with Advanced Imaging Center of Leesburg.