doctor shopping, How To Find The Perfect Doctor

One of the biggest concerns for patients involves pricing. While the quality of an imaging procedure is important, the affordability of the procedure directly influences a patients decision. Besides using tools like Save On Medical to find the lowest prices on quality imaging tests, doctor shopping is the key to saving money. 

What is doctor shopping? 

It's when patients seek out other doctors, giving the patients more options to choose. They’re switching PCP’s. They’re trading doctors like Halloween candy. It’s a simple reality of the new world of healthcare that we live in. This allows patients to find the care that they believe they deserve at a cost they agree to.

Why is doctor shopping just now becoming popular?

It’s not enough anymore to be a qualified doctor with strong opinions. All the skill and education in the world can’t make up for poor bedside manner, for arrogance and aloofness, or for any of the other negative characteristics that several doctors employ. Yes, our patients are there because they need our medical advice, but in most cases, they also need much more than that.

What is it that I, as a patient should be looking for in a doctor? 

Patients need compassion, they need care. They need strong medical advice coupled with the knowledge that the person giving it truly cares about them and what they’re going through. They need someone who can walk the fine line between too blunt and too gentle. They need someone confident in their diagnosis and treatment plan, but patient enough to listen to and answer their questions. At the end of the day, they need someone whose opinion they can respect and value yet whose personality they can click with. And why shouldn’t they? If one of our loved ones was ill and seeking medical care, wouldn’t we not only want the same for them but expect it? Understanding this is absolutely key for each and every doctor out there who regularly interacts with patients, whether they’re a PCP, a neurosurgeon, or a radiation oncology specialist.

Why is AIC asking their patients to doctor shop?

Being able to combine specialized knowledge about our medical field with the ability to connect with our patients on a somewhat personal level is becoming increasingly important in the medical world of today, in the one where doctor shopping is no longer frowned upon and is instead encouraged. It’s something we believe patients deserve from their doctors, and it’s something each and every one of our doctors strives to embody. We hope that, for our patients, the doctor shopping ends with us.

When starting your doctor search, I suggest starting with Save On Medical. This site will assist you when searching for affordable prices and quality doctors in your area. No need to worry about the prices of medical imaging, doctor shopping can help you save! If you schedule an appointment with one of our three locations, we offer affordable prices for our services.