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Don’t think art and radiology go together? Think again! Art can be used in multiple ways to create a bridge between human emotion and science. Whether it’s helping children overcome the fear of an MRI machine or to understand what is happening inside an opera singer’s mouth when they perform. To gain a better understanding of how radiology and art correlate check out these radiology art pieces:

1. Researchers at the Freiburger Institute for Musician's Medicine reveal the contorting vocal tract of an opera singer through a real-time MRI scanner. It shows opera singer Michael Volle singing an aria from Richard Wagner's 1845 opera Tannhäuser.


2.  Stanford alumna, Laura Jacobson, created art pieces using MRIs of the human brain “to investigate connections between neuroscience and society.”


3. Artist, Hugh Turvey, crafted pieces using x-ray equipment, shadow photography techniques, hand colorization, and other manipulations. View more of his outstanding art here.


4. Doug Dietz turned MRI machines into pieces of art to help children overcome their fears.


5. Andy Ellison is an MRI technologist who used MRIs of fruit and vegetable slices to create stunning art.


6. Paula Crown's exhibit “Inside My Head: A Contemporary Self-Portrait” uses real MRI scans to explore the inner mind of the artist.


Art has the power to help people overcome their fears and to convey ideas that cannot be explained using words. We hope these art pieces have inspired you. At Advanced Imaging Centers, we strive to provide each and every patient in central Florida with a superior diagnostic imaging environment that leaves them feeling comforted and cared for.