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If you didn’t know already yesterday was National Doctor Appreciation Day! Doctor appreciation day is a day where we honor doctors for their commitment to health and wellness. It is also used as a day to recognize the contributions of doctors all around the country. Most people don’t know this holiday exists, but here’s why it’s so important.

Doctors do so much for patients

Yes, patients see doctors for check-ups, appointments, and in emergency circumstances. Some patients think that the only time the doctor is doing work for them is when they see the doctor face to face. However, this is untrue. Doctors do so much work behind the scene to determine what is wrong with the patient. Hours and hours of the time a doctor spends on a patient is actually done without the patient ever knowing. Patients should show doctor appreciation for how much work they do for them, even when they aren’t with the patient.  

Doctors only have so much time in a day

Depending on what type of doctor, the doctor only has only so much time during the day to focus on patient health. A doctor in private practice works normally 9-5, and a doctor on a hospital shift will work 8,12, or 24 hour shifts. This gives doctors only a certain amount of hours per day to work on different things for patients. The amount of time that doctors sacrifice for patient well-being should be celebrated every time a patient sees a doctor.

Doctors have more than one patient

Patients tend to forget, especially when they aren’t feeling well, that doctors have more than just one patient. No matter how much we wish that we had a personal doctor, it’s not going to happen. The patient load put on a doctor nowadays is huge, making it hard for doctors to see patients in a timely manner. Next time you see a doctor, make sure to remember you aren’t the only person they are caring for.

Doctors have a lot of paperwork

Most doctors complain of too much paperwork put on them. With the huge amount of patients, and the lack of time in a day, doctors are often filling out paperwork more than actually seeing patients. This is out of a doctors control, and we should thank them for going through menial tasks, like paperwork, to do their best to help treat each and every patient.

With everything that a doctor does during a day, it can be hard for the average patient to sit back and think about how hard their doctor works. That’s why it’s so important to give appreciation to doctors not only on doctor appreciation day, but everyday. At Advanced Imaging Centers, we love our radiologists because they care about patients. If you have any imaging needs, make an appointment with Advanced Imaging Centers today!