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At Advanced Imaging Centers, we provide a plethora of imaging procedures. You could say we are ‘the place’ to go for any imaging needs a patient may have. Two of our most popular procedures are commonly mistaken for each other. They have a similar name, and take approximately the same amount of time, these scans are called MRA, and MRI. You’re probably asking, ‘what’s the difference?’, let’s learn.

What’s an MRA?

 An MRA is a minimally invasive procedure that doctors will use to help diagnose or treat a medical condition. An MRA uses magnetic waves, and radio frequencies, to produce a picture of the inside of the body. A patient will be given a contrast agent, then will be examined in an MRI machine. The procedure takes about an hour and is commonly used for checking blood vessels in the brain, kidney, and legs.

What’s an MRI?

 An MRI is a magnetic resonance image that also uses a magnetic field and radio waves to produce an enhanced picture of the body. A patient will be examined inside an MRI machine, and must lay perfectly still, in order to get the clearest pictures of the body part being examined. MRI’s are commonly used for soft tissue injuries, and broken bones. This scan can take anywhere between 10 minutes to up to an hour depending on the part of the body, and how still the patient is during the scan.

So how are they different?

The main difference between an MRI and an MRA is that an MRA uses a contrast agent in order to see the blood vessels in the body more clearly. They both use a magnetic field, and radio waves, to produce a clear image of the body. However, if a patient needs a clear image of their blood vessels it is more likely that an MRA will be ordered than an MRI.

Now that you know the difference between these two similar procedures, make an appointment with us for an MRI, or an MRA. At Advanced Imaging Centers we offer both, and at low prices than other imaging centers in the area.