We all know that October is always painted the color pink, for breast cancer awareness. October is for breast cancer awareness, which means more and more people bring their attention to the causes, symptoms, and treatments of this awful disease. In the world of radiology, a huge question comes to mind, when deciding how to treat breast cancer, “Who should you see for a mammogram: a breast imaging specialist, or a radiologist?”

Mammograms; The best way to treat breast cancer

It’s no secret that mammograms are the best way to prevent breast cancer, however it’s not always a perfect procedure. Even the best, most advanced mammography technology can have imperfections. This is why the doctor who is reads your mammography images is as important as the mammogram technology itself. However, the real question is that it all boils down to is  whether a patient should see a radiologist, or a breast imaging specialist. Above all else, it all comes down to the accuracy of each doctor.

What is accuracy?

 The accuracy of the diagnosis from a mammogram screening is determining low recall rates with no reduction in cancer detection rates. Most of the time, specialists spend a lot of time interpreting breast image exams. While radiologists spend time working in other areas of radiology, not just breast imaging.

So which doctor is better?

There isn’t technically one doctor that is overall better for reading a mammogram image. It all depends on what you want from your doctor. Most of the time breast imaging specialists will always be working with breast images. On the other hand, radiologists often have a closer relationship with your working physician, which can be beneficial for your overall wellness.

Where does AIC come into play?

 At, Advanced Imaging Centers, we are here for you. We have state of the art technology, we have board certified radiologists, and we are an ACR accredited office which is the highest standard an imaging center can achieve. Yet, you’ve probably heard all this before. Where we stand out compared to other doctors, and specialists, is that the service we provide to our patients is like no other. We are independently operated, and work directly with patients and their referring doctors. No matter what the problem is we will put in 110% of our effort to help the patient. We love our patients, and will do everything in our power to make sure their experience at our office is the best, it’s what makes us great.

Whatever direction you may choose in your breast imaging journey, just know that Advanced Imaging Centers is always here to help. We provide mammograms at all three of our locations for an affordable low price. Check out our website, www.aicenters.com, to schedule your appointment.