At Advanced Imaging Centers, we pride ourselves on our devotion to help fight breast cancer. We are passionate about supporting breast cancer patients and helping to find a cure for the devastating disease. Mammograms, one of our many services, are the best way to prevent breast cancer. Every year we get excited for October, breast cancer awareness month, we treat it like a little kid around Christmas time.

      If you have ever been to our Villages location, you have probably seen the decorated bras in our office. These bras are apart of our bra decorating contest, last Sunday we were highlighted in the Villages Daily Sun for our efforts in raising money for women who cannot afford mammograms.

     Every year all three locations of Advanced Imaging Centers, participate in the bra decorating contest. We sell bras for $15, and encourage people to decorate them in a fun, and creative way, for a chance to win a cash prize. All proceeds benefit Michelle-O-Gram, a non-profit that relies on fundraising efforts to help women and men get mammograms.

     Since we provide mammograms to our patients, this cause is very dear to our hearts. We hope that we can help this wonderful cause in any way that we can. October is coming up fast, don’t forget to get in the spirit of breast cancer awareness month.