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There’s always a lot of debate surrounding doctor’s offices and which one is considered the best. We know we are a bit biased but for the best radiology practice in the area there is no other choice that compares to Advanced Imaging Centers. Let us explain why:

We offer TONS of medical imaging services

Need an x-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound, mammogram? We have you covered. Need a procedure that’s a little more complicated such as, a DEXA scan or an IVP? We have you covered for that as well. At AIC, whatever the imaging need we can have you covered.

We have board certified radiologists

At AIC, we have three outstanding radiologists who are all board certified. These three radiologists keep AIC afloat by examining patient’s images and sending them back to primary care doctors as soon as possible.

 We are ACR accredited

What’s ACR accreditation? ACR stand for the American College of Radiology. ACR represents the gold standard in radiology, it’s what all radiology facilities strive towards! At AIC you won’t have to worry about the quality of care you are getting, because you already know that you are getting the best imaging care possible.

 We make scheduling appointments easy

No more struggling on the phone to get the appointment you want. Just simply go to our website, fill in what procedure you need, and what time you would like during the week, and bam! Our office manager will just call you to confirm the appointment you requested. It’s that easy!

 We probably accept your insurance, and if we don’t….

We accept over 80 insurances! So there’s a HUGE chance we will be able to take your insurance. However, if we don’t accept your insurance or you don’t have insurance there is no need to worry. Our partner SaveOn medical helps us save you money with the cheapest imaging procedures in the area for all of our out-of-pocket patients.  

 We have three convenient locations

Our locations span all of central Florida! In Clermont, Leesburg, and The Villages, AIC can help you with your imaging needs. That means wherever you may go in central Florida we can help you with getting the right procedure at the right price.

Make your appointment with the best quality care you can find in an imaging center, at Advanced Imaging Centers!