Researchers are constantly searching to find ways to minimize cancer risks and even ways to completely eradicate cancer. We’re in a rapidly changing time where there are endless findings that are leading to amazing medical advancements. Researchers have discovered that increasing levels of vitamin D can actually prevent cancer. So, how does it work?

Vitamin D is produced in your body through the absorption of sunshine and helps control calcium and phosphate levels. In the 1980s, Cedric Garland linked low levels of Vitamin D with cancer. They even discovered that people who lived at higher latitudes had a higher risk of cancer because they received less sunshine/vitamin D.

Researchers battled over trying to determine the exact amount of vitamin D that would successfully prevent cancer. After all, they simply knew that people need vitamin D, but how much is enough?

In order to determine the amount, Cedric Garland and his colleagues examined a clinical trial of 1,169 and a prospective study of 1,135 women. The median vitamin D levels of the clinical trial was 30 ml, while the median level of the prospective study was 48 ml. They found that the lower level did have a higher risk of cancer. More importantly, they discovered that women who had a 40 ml or higher were 67% less likely to develop cancer.

It’s incredible that a simple increase in sun exposure can lead to drastic effects. Preventing cancer is becoming key to many people. Putting out this information that vitamin D levels can significantly reduce your chance of developing numerous forms of cancer can change the lives of many! You can read more about the study here and for a few quick tips on how to get started, here are a few ways you can boost your vitamin D:

  • Spend more time out in the sunshine
  • Eat fatty fish such as salmon
  • Eat canned tuna
  • Drink fortified milk
  • Eat egg yolks