If you’re currently going through cancer or know someone who is, just remember that each day you fight is an accomplishment. It can be easy to fall into a dark place that breeds negativity, but it’s important to keep yourself positive. If you are gentle with yourself, remove any negativity, and remind yourself that you are doing everything you can, things will seem brighter. You will get through this just like each person on this list of cancer survivors. We know it’s important to reinforce positivity, which is why we believe reading these survivors stories will keep you on the healthy, mindful path that you’re already on.

James Alexander noticed a lump at the base of his genitals and while there was no pain, he decided to consult a doctor about the issue. After running tests, the doctor informed him that he had stage 1 epithelioid sarcoma. James began treatment and felt anxious during the process, but with the help of his fiancée, he was supported and encouraged every step of the way. They began to cook healthier meals and became more active. When his mind would wander to a dark, negative place, his fiancée was there to pull him out of it. His number one tip to any cancer patient, “You can be treated at a place where you feel settled and in a way that you are happy with. If you’re not settled with your current treatment, you can change it.” James is currently cancer free and enjoys encouraging others to find the right treatment for themselves. Read more of his story here.

When Marie Botchie was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided that she would make cancer the best thing that had ever happened to her. She faced gloomy odds, a 49% survival rate, and underwent a double mastectomy. Regardless, she believed it was extremely important to remain positive and had the support of her family every step of the way. Her husband was at each chemo session and her family was constantly encouraging her. She believes that she is a better person after going through her journey because it made her be herself more and find new ways to embrace each day. Marie is currently cancer free and happier than ever. Read more about her story here.

Janette Belsby was concerned about her smoking and consulted a doctor about her lung’s health. It turned out, she had small cell lung cancer. Belsby is a self proclaimed care giver to her son who lives in a group home and her autistic relative that lives with her. “Caregiving is what I do!” When she began undergoing treating for her cancer, she was no longer the caregiver and had to lean on others to support and care for her. Her caregivers kept her motivated to continue battling cancer and remain in a peaceful place internally. Currently, she is cancer free and believes she came out a stronger person than she was before. If you want to read more about her story, click here.

All of us at Advanced Imaging Centers want to take a moment to remind you how strong, amazing, and powerful you are. Each and every cancer survivor is an inspiration. Not only to current cancer patients, but to every single person. Survivors fight against any odds and remain positive. Their strength is admirable and teaches us to not take every day for granted. If you’re currently battling cancer, remember that you are not alone. You can ask for help whether it’s from your friends, family, spouse, nurses, whoever. It’s important to not go through this alone. If you want to get in contact with other cancer survivors, the Cancer Survivors Network allows you to connect with survivors.