Have you met your radiologist? Radiologists can be very hard to come by, which can make it difficult to understand who actually is your radiologist. More often than not, you are being handled by your Radiologic Technologist. In many cases, patients never meet their actual radiologist and actually confuse their Radiologic Technologist to be their radiologist. However, at Advanced Imaging Centers, we have on site radiologists, which allows our patients to interact with their own radiologist and get to know each other on a personal level. So, what makes our radiologists different?

They will go the extra mile

Our radiologists don’t simply do their job. They do their job with flying colors. They understand how important it is to ensure customer satisfaction and never fail to go above and beyond if needed. You will always be our radiologists number one priority!

Family of Care Givers

Our on-site radiologist, Dr. Lord, comes from a family of care givers. His wife is a physician that centers on holistic healing. They share the interest of giving back to the community! It is their passion to ensure they are helping others.

Connect with Patients

Our other on site radiologist, Dr. Domson, has a love for spearfishing. If you run into him, chances are he might tell you about his favorite past time! This allows him to connect with patients that also share a love for any type of outdoorsy hobby.

Locally Grown

All three of our radiologists completed their residency locally at the University of South Florida. Our radiologists are familiar with the local area and continue to give back to Central Florida! Sub Specialized

Each of our radiologists are sub specialized which ensures expertise. You will be in great hands at Advanced Imaging Centers. Dr. O’neill and Dr. Domsonsub specializes in Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal Imaging. Dr. Lord sub specializes in Cardiac Imaging and Musculoskeletal Imaging.

ACR Accredited

There is no need to fret when you’re in our on site radiologists hands! Each of our wonderful experts are ACR accredited which simply means they know what they’re doing.

We know that it’s important for you to feel at home when you’re visiting Advanced Imaging Center which is why we want you to get to know our radiologists! You are our number one priority and we hope that your experience with us is a great one.