Advanced Imaging Centers at The Villages is excited to announce the addition of a new procedure, ultrasound guided breast biopsies.  AIC is partnering with Dr. Uzoma Nwaubani, MD, and she will be performing the biopsies using the Finesse Ultra Vaccuum-Assisted SIMS Breast Biospy Device, which allows the acquisition of multiple samples rapidly with only one insertion-sampling cycle, taking only about 10 seconds!

This new procedure helps us offer complete women’s care from mammography to ultrasounds to DEXA and now breast biopsies.  AIC makes it easier by being a one stop-shop imaging center, where you can receive all the screenings and services you need at one location. 

 AIC is excited about this new procedure and already has appointments booked starting December 14th!  Please remember that patients will need a doctor’s order to receive these screenings!

For more information on this new procedure or Advanced Imaging Centers, visit our website or Facebook pages.  To schedule an appointment, call them directly at:  The Villages:  352-750-1551.