If you’re just a Regular Joe, you may be lucky enough to go your whole life without ever getting an MRI. Many of my close friends and family have somehow managed to do just that, and have no intentions of that changing anytime soon. If you’re working in a particularly physical job, however, like as a construction worker or on an oil rig, your chances of an encounter with an MRI machine are much higher. If you’re a professional athlete, it’s almost inevitable. Every week we sit down for the games, and every week we see at least 5 players carted off the field for injuries, some of them minor and some of them not. We often don’t think about just what happens once that player is off the field, though. They’re down, we feel a moment of worry over their well-being or how this will impact our fantasy teams, and then they’re off the field and out of mind. For many of these injured players, MRI’s are the next step.

We know it can be tricky to keep tabs on every player that gets injured. It would take up way too much mental space to store all of that information. We thought it would be interesting to see how many of our favorite players end up needing MRI’s each week, though. Sometimes we forget just how important a role MRI’s play in people’s daily lives, and for these athletes MRI scans largely affect their futures.

So, without further ado, here’s who had or found out they will need an MRI in the sports world this week:

Adam Jones: Center Fielder for the Baltimore Orioles

Fans were worried when Jones needed an MRI to see if he had a serious back injury. Jones’s MRI came back clean, showing that he just has some inflammation in his back. They’re not sure when he’ll rejoin the lineup, but he shouldn’t be out for very long.

Zach Britton: Pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles

Britton had an MRI this week on his left lat muscle, which they believed might have been torn and has kept him from pitching. Britton’s MRI didn’t show any serious structural damage, so management can work him back into the lineup as soon as his soreness is gone.

Demarco Murray: Running Back for the Philadelphia Eagles

After what has already turned out to be an abysmal season, Demarco Murray left practice on Wednesday with a hamstring injury. Murray is scheduled to undergo an MRI, but regardless of the results this is bad news for a running back who’s been plagued with injuries for a while now. The results will determine whether Murray starts this Sunday against the Jets.

DeAngelo Hall: Cornerback for the Washington Redskins

DeAngelo Hall was carted off the field last night during the Redskin’s 32-21 loss to the New York Giants. Hall is scheduled for an MRI sometime today to learn the extent of a sprained big toe injury. His coach doesn’t sound too optimistic, admitting that initial tests indicated the veteran might miss significant time. Redskins fans are keeping their fingers crossed, but wondering at this point how much more could really go wrong for them.