During the talent portion of the Miss America contest, Kelley Johnson (Miss Colorado) donned her scrubs and stethoscope and walked onto the stage to deliver a heartfelt, touching monologue about a patient who impacted her life by helping her realize just how important the work that she and nurses across the country are doing truly is. The patient, fondly referred to as Joe, reassured Kelley that she was “not just a nurse”, but rather someone who had changed his life forever by caring about him and helping him through his struggle with Alzheimers. Later that week on The View, Kelley’s monologue was the brunt of several jokes made by Joy Behar and several of the other women on the show. They mocked Kelley, saying that all she did was “read her emails out loud”, and pointed out that Kelley’s job was not a “talent”. They also ridiculed her for playing dress-up in scrubs and giggled “why is she wearing a doctor’s stethoscope?”

Unsurprisingly, people didn’t think the comments were funny. As experts in the related field of diagnostic imaging, we didn’t think they were funny either. They’ve sparked a huge outrage across the country. The result? Tanked ratings for The View, lots of angry outbursts, and some fabulous Tweets and photos as nurses fight back. Here are some of our favorite responses to The View from nurses.