This week, we read a story about Walter Kowerduck, one of Bay News 9’s locally elected Everyday Heroes. Everyday Heroes is a column written by Bill Murphy from Bay News 9, and it profiles local Florida residents who are making a difference. One of the stories that caught our attention was the profile on Walter, a 97-year-old Pasco County resident who’s been using a rather unusual hobby to make a difference in the lives of others.

Three years ago Walter’s wife passed away while in hospice care, and he decided to start giving back to the organization that did so much for his wife during the last years of her life.

For ten years Walter had been collecting aluminum cans, crushing and packing them, then selling them to a recycling center. Over the ten years, Walter has made over $8,000 off these cans, donating every single penny of it to a local hospice.

Walter’s story is an inspiring one, and it got us thinking about what we can do not only as a center, but as individuals to give back to our community. We’re so thankful for people like Walter who dedicate their time and effort towards improving the lives of others, and we hope to one day inspire others as well.