This past Wednesday, our Villages center teamed up with the Catholic Charities of Central Florida to help put on a fundraiser for Lazarus Free Clinic, a clinic in Wildwood that benefits people without insurance, people who need help from the food bank, and people who—in short—just need a helping hand. The event was called “Taste of the Villages”, and it included dinner, a silent auction, a live auction, and a reverse auction where attendees were given the chance to leave a cash donation. For every $2,000 raised in cash donations, we pledged to donate a Diagnostic Mammo + Ultrasound.

This wasn’t our fist time being involved, we participated last year as well, donating 150 screening mammograms. This year we decided to make our donations a little larger, including the diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound as a package deal so the lucky ladies would be able to get one step further in diagnosing any breast issues.

The event was a smashing success, and we had just the best time! Judy Neal, our Mammography Technologist, was able to share some of the stories from patients we’ve seen from the Lazarus Clinic, and our Marketing Rep Dione Moxley was invited to sit on the planning committee for next year’s event!

That’s not all, though. Check out these awesome figures from the event’s success! Over 15 different restaurants participated in the event, and all of the leftovers were donated to the Lazarus Food Bank to serve the homeless through the soup kitchen.