Today is Halloween, and we’re all pretty excited about it here in the office. We’ve been trying to find a way to make Halloween relevant, to tie it in to what we do here at Advanced Imaging. So we asked ourselves, “What could Halloween and Medical Imaging possibly have in common?” Surprisingly, a lot! Some of these are a bit of a stretch, but this is what we came up with! 1)   Everyone dresses up differently. Just like how no one wears the exact same Halloween costume, no two brains look exactly the same in an MRI scan, either! Each brain dresses up a little differently, and the same can be said for Halloween.

2)   There are a lot of skeletons. You see a bunch of skeletons around town on Halloween; we see them everyday in our office! I think the pictures below are all the evidence we need.

3)   Pranks. Sure, there’s not a lot of toilet papering, egging, or ding-dong ditch that goes on at the office, but believe it or not there are a lot of funny pranks out there that people have done using medical imaging technology! There’s this funny prank that was done in Japan using an MRI machine, or this one using x-ray technology.

4)   Treats. Everyone knows Halloween is first and foremost about treats, whether it’s candy, trinkets, or simply quality time with friends or family. At Advanced Imaging, we’re a big fan of treats, too! If you came in for a mammogram this past month, you’ll remember that we had a special discounted rate for our patients! We always try to have treats for you guys, whether it’s a price discount, a lollipop, or a small pink gift thanking you for making a brave decision.

We hope you enjoy your Halloween as much as we enjoyed coming up with this! Be safe and have a spooky good time.