When you need to get diagnostic imaging done, there are generally 2 options to choose from: getting the imaging done at either a hospital or an outpatient imaging center. People are looking for the highest quality while still maintaining an affordable price, and most times will be able to find that an outpatient imaging center will give them the cost/quality balance that they are looking for. Dollar for dollar, private practice radiologists charge less per procedure than hospitals, in fact, most patients saved on average over 33% when choosing an outpatient clinic for their diagnostic imaging.

Why can they save so much? Hospitals charge an overhead fee, plus they are allowed to charge Medicare and other insurers a facility fee. All these little fees add up quickly and raise the price for the patient receiving (and ultimately paying for) the exam.

The following two pictures show the average prices when getting a procedure done at a hospital vs. at an outpatient facility.

Hospital Average ^

Outpatient Average ^

Additionally, when you choose an outpatient imaging facility, you can expect to have shorter wait times and a more personalized experience, as these centers are very patient-focused. They want to make sure that you are comfortable and well informed during your procedure.

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