Have you ever heard of Molecular Brest Imaging (MBI)? The answer is probably not. That’s going to change pretty soon though, because MBI is going to take the cancer-screening world by storm.  

So what is it? MBI is a secondary diagnostic tool (which means it would occur after something like a mammogram), and is particularly useful for women with dense breast tissue. This is important because mammograms don’t detect cancer 30-50% (!!!) of the time on women with dense breasts. That’s a lot. If the mammogram ends up being inconclusive, then almost always a secondary screening will be required.

This technology is showing to be more effective in early and accurate detection of breast cancer which studies show that early detection and treatment have an enormous effect on the outcomes. When used in conjunction with mammography screening, the likelihood of tumor detection increases significantly with an MBI. Conversely, it can also rule out cancer when a mammogram is indeterminate.

Check out http://www.gammamedica.com/ for great information and http://www.gammamedica.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/AuntMinnie-New-Imaging-tools-address-challenges-of-dense-breast-tissue.pdf