Fashion trends are constantly changing and making way for newer and more unique styles. There's the leather trend, mom jeans trend, joggers trend, and more. So, what happens if your favorite new style can actually be a red flag when you walk into a doctors office? Metal yoga pants are making their way into closets across the world. It’s true. Apparently the comfortable, stretch, barely-there yoga pants all girls know and love have metal mesh built into the fabric, which is what helps keep the body dry during exercise. How metal mesh actually helps prevent sweat is a whole other conundrum. So Ruby of says, “when I was asked today whether my parents were LuLu Lemon…I thought the MRI technician was a little crazy. But, as you can see, there is in fact metal in the yoga pants…”

It’s important to note what you’re wearing because the MRI is actually one giant magnet. Sure, you should think to take off your glasses and leave your credit cards and phone outside, but you might not think to take note of your clothes. So, what happens? Your pants rip off and stick to the magnet? No. “It’ll get hot. Like, second or third degree burn hot. Anywhere your pants, or shirt for that matter, hit.”

A woman in Canada was unfortunate enough to become the reason why there is now a precautionary warning about wearing yoga pants while undergoing an MRI.

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