YRDJ2_w120h160Dr. Shelley Coleman Grover is originally from Washington D.C. and an alum of Columbia University (B.A. in Biology-Psychology), University of California at Berkley (M.A. in Public Health, Maternal and Child Medicine) and University of California at San Francisco Medical School. She continued her medical education in the Obstetrics and Gynecology department of King-Drew Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. She moved to Central Florida with her husband in 2000. She loves to stay involved with the community through volunteering, giving lectures, serving on medical boards, and staying involved in her church and other community organizations.

She specializes in hormone imbalance, minimally invasive surgeries, and anti-aging remedies.

For women, Dr. Glover offers pellet therapy to help with the drop in testosterone that occurs with aging. This therapy can help with:

  • hot flashes
  • sex drive
  • night sweats
  • difficulty sleeping
  • headaches
  • vaginal dryness
  • memory fog
  • body pain
  • weight loss
  • bone and muscle strength
  • bladder muscles

Progesterone could also be used in addition to testosterone to help with more severe symptoms.

Patient, Sonia V, 45, says, “The testosterone pallet treatment is like night and day! My anxiety and lightly wound feeling are gone. The overwhelming awareness of my heartbeat is gone, and I’ve never slept better. I have more focus, drive, and energy than ever before in my life. I feel like I ‘woke up’ and had been sleepwalking until now.”

Patient, CathyC., 55, says, “It’s pretty amazing to be 50 something and to feel like 30 something!! The mental clarity is amazing. Sex drive is awesome. Now I’m chasing him around the bedroom! Yay!”

For men, Dr. Glover also treats andropause, which is a gradual decline in testosterone levels. This can help with:

  • muscular weakness
  • increased abdominal/chest fat
  • body hair
  • mental/physical fatigue
  • in endurance
  • depression, memory loss, or insomnia
  • concentration, ambition, or motivation
  • joint pain, muscle stiffness, or coordination
  • libido, erectile dysfunction, impotence
  • blood sugar, elevated cholesterol

To contact Dr. Shelley C. Glover, call (352) 243-6686 or visit her office:

Your Body in Balance 1725 E. Highway 50 Suite B Clermont, FL 34711