IMAG0686This week, we’re focusing on the front desk and check-in staff at our Leesburg office.

These women are the best there is. They are so friendly and efficient, it’s astounding.

The rest of the staff agrees working with them is always a pleasure.

Each brings a unique skill set like no other. They complement, not only the patients, but each other’s attributes as well. Their daily workload always get completed in a timely and friendly manner.

2013121395094450Their strengths include their kindness, the quality of their work, and their ability to multitask.

These women are patient and friendly to everyone. Patients often bring snacks or meals to the office for them.

Patients are usually nervous when coming into the doctor’s office, so having an incredible greeting staff like ours is the first step in making them comfortable.

Crystal enjoys baking, family and friends, vacationing, and “flaunting her swag.”


Tara is into shopping, laughing uncontrollably and holding friendliness seminars.

Emerald loves spending time with her children, cooking new recipes, and trying to stay out of trouble.

Kayt likes family, friends, and riding her Harley.