This week we are spotlighting a member of Intercommunity Cancer Institute’s medical team: Dr. Maureen Holasek, and the centers’ use of AccuBoost®.

Dr. Maureen Holasek, M.D. is the Medical Director of Intercommunity Cancer Institute and the former Medical Director for Central Florida Regional Hospital’s Stereotactic Radiosurgery program in Sanford. She is a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist with more than 22 years of experience in the university and private medical practice settings.

She attended both the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University for her medical training, earning her degree from the latter. She did her internship in internal medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School and completed her residency and fellowship in radiation oncology at the University of Minnesota. In her senior year there, Dr. Holasek was the chief resident. She then joined the academic staff at the University of Minnesota, where she remained for one year before entering private practice.

Dr. Holasek joins the team of radiation oncology experts that includes Dr. Hal Jacobson, M.D. and specializes in breast, prostate, lung, head and neck, brain tumors, gastrointestinal and skin cancers treatment.

In regards to breast cancer, women in the early stages have an alternative to mastectomy: breast conservation therapy (BCT). It begins with a lumpectomy—the surgical extraction of cancerous tissue—followed by daily radiation therapy to the entire breast for six weeks. Finally, it includes localized radiation, or the “boost” dose, where the radiation targets only the tissue surrounding the tumor bed—the most common location for recurrence. This treatment combination has been proven effective in prevention of relapse and provides as good a chance for cancer-free survival as the mastectomy, while conserving the breast.

For the boost dose, Dr. Holasek and ICCI utilize AccuBoost: the first innovation in breast boost technology in more than 30 years. It targets the boost to the lumpectomy cavity margin in a noninvasive procedure that uses a well-focused beam along with real-time image guidance to produce accurate and reliable results. AccuBoost limits unintentional exposure to healthy tissue and other organs by using applicators similar to a flashlight that properly image and conform to the surgical site. This precise imaging guidance prompted AccuBoost’s slogan of “See what you treat…Treat what you see.”

This noninvasive approach reduces side effects and related complications of radiation, as well as eradicates risk of infection and the drainage issues that can accompany invasive procedures.

It also lessens the risk of radiation exposure to the lungs and chest wall by as much as 7-10 times the traditional electron boost.

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