We make sure our staff gets to know the patient on a personal level, so it’s only fair that we share the same with you. This week, we’re focusing on one of our favorite techs, Analia. Analia Marques is one of our Radiologic Technologists and hails from Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated in 2011 with an A.S. degree in Radiologic Technology.

While in school, she worked at AIC during her second clinical rotation. Analia worked at two different urgent cares before joining AIC full-time; she’ll celebrate 2 years here in October.

She also mentions service as what sets AIC apart from other imaging centers: “We have amazing patient care that is very important to make our patients feel comfortable and at home,” Analia says. “We always remember our returning patients and it’s always a pleasure seeing them!”

That’s her favorite part of her job: seeing patients smile and making them comfortable to get the best imaging possible. “Our patients deserve the best!”

When she isn’t working, Analia enjoys spending time with her family and her fiance’s family, as well as any outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, sunbathing at the beach, and going on cruises.