Think back on your last trip to a medical office. Were you greeted with a smile and welcomed by the front office staff in a way that made you feel at home? At Advanced Imaging’s Clermont office, Amy King aims to do just that. Amy interacts with patients and physicians in a way that sets her apart. Anyone that interacts with her knows that there is something about her tone, attitude and personality that allows her to put patients at ease. As a team leader, Amy is always wiling to give the extra effort to do what is right and serve patients with the personalized care that they deserve.

If you have been to the Clermont office you recognize the positive demeanor Amy radiates. She is extremely efficient in her work and knowledgeable when working with patients, which is why she stands out. When she recognizes that someone needs special attention, she is patient and empathetic to what his or her needs are.

At Advanced Imaging we are happy to serve our patients with exceptional care as we work hard to exceed expectations. Staff members like Amy are invaluable in achieving our goal of providing each patient with the best care possible. Next time you’re in the Clermont office give Amy a pat on the back because she is our superstar staff member this month!