1069904_617846474915830_365070724_nJessica has been a shining star around our Clermont office, and so this week we decided to share what makes her so special to us. Jessica McKelvie is an ultrasound technician from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, just a couple of hours south of our office here in Clermont, her new home.

She’s been with Advanced Imaging Centers for three-and-a-half years, and she loves it because “no two scans are the same,” so the job is “always interesting.” This just shows that the best part of her job is also the most important! Jessica treats every patients the way they should be treated: as an individual unlike any other.

She says she loves our office because “we treat each patient with compassion. We work to accommodate patients even when we have a full schedule.”

Jessica received her Associates Degree in Applied Science from the Central Florida Institute, and she’s registered in abdominal ultrasounds.

In her spare time, Jessica enjoys crafting, snowboarding, and traveling.

So when she’s not covered in paint, or on her way to hit the slopes, be sure to make an appointment at Advanced Imaging Centers and pay Jessica a visit.