Most people want to live a long and happy life and many people yearn to find the fountain of youth. (Even if Natalie Babbitt’s Tuck Everlasting tried to teach us that the fountain of youth isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.)

Doctors and scientists have researched the factors determining the length of one’s life for years. Many say that lifestyle factors, such as weight, smoking, and alcohol consumption are the biggest determinants of longevity; while others attribute a long life to genetics.

However, new findings may link specific personality traits to a longer lifespan. MSN Healthy Living compiled 10 traits that may help you live longer.

Here are those traits:


  • Career Success: Along those same lines, the study found that those who were successful had higher longevity. This was not attributed to happiness, but instead to achievement and satisfaction.
  • The Right Amount of Neuroticism: Just like Goldilocks, you’re looking for what’s “just right.” Those with too many neuroses were more likely to suffer from mental health disorders such as depression, but those with too little neuroses may be less likely to take care of themselves like living a healthy lifestyle and staying up to date with medical check-ups.
  • Openness to New Experience: As one of the vaguer traits on the list, this is still being researched. Yet, researchers found that most centenarians were open to new experiences and this probably helped them adapt to the changes and challenges in their lives, thus allowing them to reach older age.
  • Positive Perspective on Aging: The study found that people who were brought up from young age with a positive outlook on aging were healthier than those who viewed aging negatively. Researchers believe that the positive individuals react better to stress and look after their health better than their negative peers.

These are traits to remember if your goal is to live a long life. But as we learned from the list, if that’s already your goal, your conscientiousness may lead you well on your way to achieving it!

We'll sign it off with Dr. Sheldon Cooper (borrowed from Dr. Spock, naturally): live long and prosper.