Orlando Health, one of the largest private, not-for-profit health networks in the state, has a number of plans to expand their healthcare systems throughout the Orlando area. Serving nearly two million Central Florida residents, Orlando Health is comprised of 9 facilities, including 5 community hospitals, 3 specialty hospitals and 1 cancer center.  To manage these facilities, Orlando Health employs over 14,000 people making it the 5th largest employer in Central Florida. It does not come as a surprise that this massive health network looks to continue serving the needs of the community through expanding its reach.

In December of 2011, Orlando Health announced the approval of a $297 million expansion in its downtown campus. This proposal, called The Redesign and Renovation Project, includes a patient tower that can accommodate up to 190 beds, as well as an extension of the emergency room. The project is off to a bright start, breaking ground in April and adding to the numerous enhancements that Orlando Health has seen over the years including the Orlando Health Heart Institute and the MD Anderson Cancer Center Orlando Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic.

Announced in March, the Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies plans to expand its NICU by adding 30 beds. The Winnie Palmer Hospital provides fetal diagnostics, labor and delivery care, neonatal intensive care and maternal intensive care to women and their babies throughout the state and country. This project will cost $13 million and make this facility of Orlando Health the largest NICU in the US. The hospital already serves over 1,600 babies a year in its 112-bed facility and hopes the facility expansion will meet the needs of the growing incidence of premature birth and congenital heart disease.

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