4 procedures an ultrasound can be used for
4 procedures an ultrasound can be used for

In the medical community, ultrasounds are used for a multitude of procedures. In the non-medical world, however, when someone hears the word 'ultrasound', they immediately assume it is for a pregnancy. There are at least four procedures that an ultrasound can be used for.

1.) Diagnostics

Doctors use ultrasounds for diagnosing patients, specifically for organs such as, the heart, pancreas, uterus, testicles and your eyes. The ultrasound helps get a clear image of what is going on in those organs. However, ultrasounds do have a down side when used for diagnostics. Since ultrasounds use sound waves, it is hard for some sound waves to be carried through thick bones in the body. This is why ultrasounds are mostly used for softer tissues and organs in the body.

2.) Therapy

Ultrasounds can also be used for locating injuries or sprains in your soft tissue. This can include, your muscles or ligaments. Most people who have a soft tissue injury can get it from physical activities or exercise. The ultrasound can locate the injury and then the patient will be able to treat it correctly.

3.) Procedural Aid

Doctors have tons of surgeries, checkups and patient care that they have to tend to. A lot of the time doctors will use ultrasounds when they have to perform a task that must be precise. For example, a needle biopsy must be in a specific part of the body so that testing can be done for the patient.

4.) Pregnancy

Last but not least, pregnancy is one of the most common uses for an ultrasound. The ultrasound is used throughout the pregnancy to check up on the baby and see how everything is coming along in the pregnancy. Women usually receive two ultrasounds during the three trimester pregnancy. The first,is during the first trimester to determine normal development of the baby. The second, is in the when the pregnancy is at 18 weeks to determine anatomy and sex of the baby.