Mother’s day is quickly approaching and it’s your time to make a statement to remind your mother how much you truly love and care about her. Of course, our mothers know that we love them and appreciate them, but everyone loves to feel special and be shown that they matter. Moms are the reason that we are the person that we are and they love us unconditionally. There’s no one that can replace your mom so make sure to make her feel irreplaceable this Mother’s day.

So, have you considered your gift options for your mom? There is an art to finding the perfect gift for your unique mom. It’s time to rack your brain and combine all the little things that your mom loves and consider what makes her light up with joy. Here’s a few tips to make sure you personalize your Mother’s Day gift rather than giving her the standard flowers and a card. It’s time to think out of the box!

What’s her favorite music?

This is an awesome way to perfectly customize a gift for your mother. There’s many ways you can approach this when considering her favorite artists, songs, etc.

  • One: You can create a playlist of all of her favorite songs or even songs that remind you of her. It’s be a fun surprise to look through each song and uncover the meaning or remember a fond memory.
  • Two: You can search concerts in your area and buy tickets for you two to see an artist that she loves! Maybe she loves that new Beyoncé album and she might be touring near you.
  • Three: If you’re low on money and your mom is an outgoing person that loves to have fun, find a bar/restaurant karaoke night and sing your hearts out! This one isn’t technically a gift, but it sure is a way to create a fun filled memory that will have your mom smiling ear to ear.

Think about the small things!

Start paying attention to all of the comments like, “I’m out of my foundation.” “Ugh, I hate this phone case!” “I need to get my nails done.” People are constantly venting about things that need to be taken care of and you can be that person to swoop in to fix them all. You can create a little bundle of the random items she either expressed that she wanted or simply ran out of. Maybe even fix things around her house that need attention. Your mother will feel a wave of relief and happiness because someone paid attention to the little details and went out of their way to handle it.

Bake it out!

Whether your mom is an expert in the kitchen or if you simply want to let loose and have fun, baking together combines your gift (dinner/treats) and a fun time! Consider her favorite treats or meals and buy all of the supplies. You can set your kitchen up with all of the groceries laid out and have two aprons waiting both of you! Play music and let loose, make sure to not take it too serious and have fun. If your mom isn’t a huge fan of the kitchen, you can even change it up and make the treats or meal for her to make her feel like a queen! Consider your mom and do what fits her best.