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Life is short, why waste your time with bad doctors? We know, we may be pretty biased, but we believe that Advanced Imaging Centers is the best outpatient-imaging center in the state, better yet, the world. Sound too good to be true? Let us convince you of it. Here are 5 reasons Advanced Imaging Center is the right center for you.

1.)  We have three unique locations

At Advanced Imaging, you will never be short on care. We have three convenient locations to help serve you, and your family. All three locations have the same procedures, and the same quality care.

2.)  We offer tons of procedures

We don’t just stop at MRI’s. We have all the imaging procedures you could ever need. CT, mammogram, DEXA scan, ultrasound, you name it we provide it. We also offer all of these procedures at low out of pocket cost for patients without insurance through our partner SaveOn medical.

3.)  We make appointments easy

With out easy appointment scheduler, you can make an appointment in a breeze, and schedule it for the ideal time in your day. We also accept most major insurances, and use SaveOn medical for out of pocket patients. As well as this, we provide all the patient forms on our website so you don’t need to fill them out in our office. Which means less time in the waiting room.

4.)  We have the BEST staff

It’s no secret that our staff is second to none. At all three locations of Advanced Imaging Centers, we have dedicated staff that makes it their priority to give you the best experience at our center. If you’re not happy with your experience at Advanced Imaging, then our staff won’t be happy either.

5.)  We have the best technology

With all the different procedures we offer, we need to have the best technology. The best technology for the best patients is what makes people come back to Advanced Imaging for all their imaging needs.

We hope we convinced you to visit us at Advanced Imaging Centers. Make an appointment with us, and we promise you will not be disappointed.